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It has been some time since I have been able to work with human subjects. My last attempt, on 10/31/2005, was foiled by some sort of para-scientific force. However, this has not been the setback one might think.

I have been exploring alternative options, and it has become clear to me that, with as much understanding I have of human and even animal psychology, I have yet to explore the psychology of a wide variety of other creatures.

Extra-terrestrial life exists here on Earth. And we know little of the psychology of these creatures.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that aliens such as Starfire and the Martian Manhunter are frauds, government experiments gone awry. Such individuals are clearly habenaephobic*, and the truth of the issue has been confirmed by research provided by my partners in the Society.

I have been collecting whatever research I can on alien species -- such as that recent article in the Daily Planet on the Green Lanterns -- and I will soon be ready to commence with my experiments.

All that remains is to collect a physical specimen.

I would certainly appreciate a human-alien hybrid -- such as the two human/Tamaranian hybrids. However, such hybrids are rare, and I must consider that such experiments have the potential to be outliers. Nevertheless, science begins with such studies. True aliens will also be required. Certainly, I will not wish to risk the Tamaranian's ire by kidnapping her infant while leaving her free.

I will need to be patient.

A consideration: President Luthor is well-known to be suspicious of attacks from these aliens against the United States. Perhaps he would be willing to fund my experiments in understanding alien psychology.


*Some fools scoff at the notion of a "phobia of government," and claim that any such fears are not true phobias. At the time of this entry, habenaephobia is not recognized as a true phobia. Nevertheless, I stand by my discoveries (see entries for 11/8/2000 and 11/8/2004).
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The Demon's Head is a man who understands the sacrifices that must be made for the progress of scientific understanding. He has supplied me with an extraordinary amount to further my research.

If I wish to continue to receive his beneficent assistance, I shall need to attract the attention of the Batman soon enough, however. And I am certain that the Batman will get involved in the kidnapping of a police officer's offspring.

Two birds, one stone, if one pardons the cliche.

The assistants that Mr. Head provided are more than capable. I have scouted the area. I have bugged the home of the officer in question while she was out, to study her reactions more in-depth.

In short, this study is ready to go forth.

The first step is to release Destiny, that psychopath, from Arkham again. Then, tonight... the officer's child must vanish.

I look forward to compiling the results.
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Fascinating. Utterly fascinating.

Talia Head of LexCorp is within my possession. She has volunteered herself for further research, for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, I would have preferred the million dollars she originally quoted... but she will donate something for my research.

Her bullet was clean, thankfully -- and Batman has yet to close down the underground medical facility that operates in Gotham, no questions asked. Either he doesn't know -- or he uses them himself. Or, perhaps, he uses them as a resource to track down his subjects -- but, even if that were the case, I have nothing to worry about. Even if they recognized me, they wouldn't know where I am now. No way for the Batman to track me. My wound should heal, with no permanent damage done... I must just use my arm as little as possible for the next few weeks while it heals.

I have a full chemical laboratory again. I managed to load the LexCorp van with everything in the lab I was provided -- including the newest research specimen -- and the van was returned without incident. I am utilizing one of my hidden labs, still unknown by the Batman or any other force. I also have a full supply of this chemical I created for Ms. Head, and no real plans for it. I am idly curious what would happen if it were fed into the water supply of Gotham... but this plan can wait. That risks the Batman, and thus far, I have avoided his attention.

QUESTION TO RESEARCH FURTHER: What would be required for one of my chemicals to affect the mind of an alien life-form? Do aliens have true emotional states such as humans do? Would a small amount of kryptonite added to a phobia-gas affect the alien known as Superman? I must test this when I have the opportunity.

In the meantime, I have been performing some minor research on my newest test subject. I have not fully plumbed the depths of her psyche, but I have managed to uncover one important detail: she is terrified of her father (note that I cannot guarantee at this time that he is her genetic parent, but he serves as the sociological construct of "father" to her mind). This "father" is a demon to her, as she called him a demon several times. And yet, she loves him. To love that which you fear -- truly a fascinating relationship, perhaps akin to the Joker and the Batman. I can learn much from this.

I am certain that after enough time has passed, this "demonic" father-figure will show himself, likely through the same methods she used to contact me. I suppose it means another call to Cobblepot. If I can get her "demon-father" -- have a matched set -- I will further my study by leaps and bounds. (Alternately, if I can be paid my original fee, this will also be sufficient. After all, I can always collect the father and daughter again later.)

In the meantime, I will keep my subject drugged just enough to keep her docile. She has a strong will, but one cannot fight against altered brain chemistry.
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Dressed to kill once again.

I have more research to conduct on the nature of fear. In particular, I wish to examine the fear associated with conflicting instincts, such as maternal instincts.

However, to conduct my particular chosen experiment, I believe I will need additional funds... and perhaps assistance.
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Officer Procjnow came by today to speak to me about Doctor Dee. We had a fascinating conversation about her family.

I really should go to the symphony next time I'm out.


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